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RICHARD BURNS was born in London in 1943, into a family of musicians. These ten poems translated by Anne Mounic come from his work-in-progress Manual, a sequence of 100 ten-line poems in celebration of human hands. Richard Burns has published more than 25 books, the last of which, The Blue Butterfly (Salt, 2007), won the H. H. Wingate – Jewish Quarterly Award (UK) and the Veliki školski čas Award (Serbia). His next book is Under Balkan Light (Salt, due 2008). The Salt Critical Companion to Richard Burns, edited by Norman Jope and Paul Scott Derrick, is due in 2008-9. Richard Burns has lived in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Serbia and the USA. His perspectives as a poet combine English, French, Mediterranean, Jewish, Slavic, American and Oriental influences. His poems have been translated into more than 20 languages. In the 1970’s, he founded and ran the international Cambridge Poetry Festival. A former Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, he is a Bye-Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge, and Preceptor at Corpus Christi College. Website : www : Email : See also :

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